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One admin of Hostage of the @dawn . We tend to the garden of the dollhouse, and its arthropod residents tend to Us in turn. Always using the Royal We.

Watch your step.


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Many, Viscountexx of Chitin . @viscountexx,
vampire fic, second person but it's dialogue i guess Toggle visibility

Oh, are you here with my meal already? Please, take a seat.

Mm? What do I mean by meal? I... Oh, my, no one told you. Poor thing. Please, sit down. I insist.

Good prey. There you go. Shh, shh, untense those shoulders. No harm you do not wish for will come to you.

You already figured out something is odd about me, I assume. My charming smile is a little sharp, mm? Well, I need blood, to be direct. And you seem delicious.

Calm down, please, I see your fear. Let me finish. I have no intent to do any permanent harm to you. I will provide you a full hearty meal afterwards, and you won't even scar. I fully intend to care for you in this exchange. It's the least I can possibly do.

You are fully welcome to deny this offer, though... I can't help but notice the flush in your cheeks. Do you like this idea? Being my prey?
Such a good thing. Look at that shy nod. You're precious.

Go ahead, then. Tell me you want my fangs in your neck, my sweet.

Open thread
Many, Viscountexx of Chitin . @viscountexx,
long, royalty themed d/s kink fantasy, feet, restraint, dressup, aimed at the reader Toggle visibility

Thank you~! Here is your uniform. Yes, this one is designed for your shape, of course! The uniform design has to be versatile, you never know what kind of cutie might come in and volunteer their service. I even have a lamia handmaiden in my employ~

Now, let me tell you about the rest of my day and what I'd like from you.

You're to undress me - At your pace, of course. If you need to... Admire the sights, it shall be allowed. Only fair, when I put you in a skirt that short. Then, draw a bath for me, help me into it from my wheelchair, and take up a nice comfy seat next to the bath. You shall wash me, from head to toe, taking as much time and as many breaks as you need. Then, we'll both relax together. I can bring a book and sit in silence with you, or we can have a nice friendly conversation. Whichever suits your fancy.

Now, before or after I get out of the bath, you deserve a reward for pampering this princexx so well. You may receive a kiss directly from me, place your mouth upon my clit, kiss my feet, or any combination of those.

When you're finished with your reward, I should be dried off, of course, and wrapped in a comfortable robe and put back into my wheelchair. I can push myself to the bedroom, where you're going to lay down in bed with me. You can relax, and we'll put on something to watch. A show, a movie... We'll decide when we're in bed.

While we watch, you're going to dress me. Pretty soft white sheer stockings, a nice bra, pretty little panties... Gloves, a nice dress... You get the idea. You can lavish in this activity as much as you like, of course. Once I'm dressed appropriately, I'll give you a gentle kiss on the forehead, and leave you but for a moment. I'll be back with rope and safety shears.

Then, I will sit with you in bed, and while you enjoy your movie, I'll bind your hands together, and your ankles, and while I have you at my mercy, I'll touch you. Kiss your neck, run my fingers down your sides, whisper into your ear about how lovely you've been, how much I appreciate your obedience... I will explore and find where you like to be touched, and please you.

Does that sound like a reasonable agenda?

Open thread
Many, Viscountexx of Chitin . @viscountexx,
explicitly sexual, for once Toggle visibility

Type of fae who you REALLY have to be careful about how literally the things you moan out during sex can be interpreted.

You can tell Us to take your cock, but don't be surprised if you don't get it back.

Open thread
Many, Viscountexx of Chitin . @viscountexx,
introduction Toggle visibility

#introduction #introductions

Hello, there, dolls, angels, witches, and the like. We are the Viscountexx of Chitin, and you may not have our names.

We'll be doing #EmptySpaces posting, and generally just being a scary little faerie. If that piques your interest, please feel free to follow request. We also co-admin with @dawn .


Also, for our main featuring horny pictures and twitch streaming, try @MindmeshLink .

Open thread
Many, Viscountexx of Chitin . @viscountexx,
this is about d/s kink but with like, fae vibes Toggle visibility

fellas, is it gay to swear fealty to another who is absolutely your equal, just to watch her light up with joy at the power you just exchanged with her?

Open thread
Many, Viscountexx of Chitin . @viscountexx,
spiders Toggle visibility

Web site? Sure, We've got one of those. Follow Us, right this way, don't mind the spiders. They're watching hungrily, but they know how to treat Our guests.

Open thread